Zhang Qiushi

A Psychological counselor with a masters in psychotherapy and psychological counseling from the Chinese Science Academy and licensed in psychological counseling.
Member of the Chinese National Association of Education.
From 2014-2015, Zhang Qiushi completed an internship at Huilongguan Hospital. She also completed a course at the London Tavistock Centre as well as a course in Sino-English Psychoanalysis. She’s currently training with the American Washington Institute with a focus in the Tavistock method of observation of toddler development. Throughout her clinical experience, she explors answers to questions revolving around the early stages of childhood with an emphasis on the emotional and social development through play.
Zhang Qiushi uses the psychoanalytic framework to help her patients (children, teenagers and adults).
She was trained in Sandplay therapy.

Gaëlle Cassier

French psychoanalyst
Member of the French Libre Association Freudienne since 2006 – where continues to receives and training and guidance –Gaelle has been living in Beijing since 2003 and is fluent in French, English, and Chinese.
She specializes in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy for adults, teenagers and children.
In 2010, she completed an internship with the Department of Anxiety Disorders at Beijing Anding Hospital. From 2014-2015, she worked at Huilongguan Hospital in a ward attached to the department of clinical psychology. Gaelle received guidance under Li Binbin, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who received training from the Chinese American Psychoanalytic Alliance.
She’s contributed a chapter in a book titled Aujourd’hui la Chine (2011) about psychoanalysis in China. Currently, her research is focused on medical anthropology and cross-cultural psychopathology.


Psychoanalysis, theorized by Sigmund Freud at the beginning of the 20th Century uses free associations of speech or the analysis of dreams to reveal the unconscious mechanisms involved in each of us. It helps us understand why we react like we do in given situations, have a better understanding of the nature of ties that connect us to the people around us, to free ourselves from the repetitions in which we get caught. Contrary to popular belief, psychoanalysis doesn’t only address adults. Very early clinicians like Françoise Dolto, Melanie Klein, Anna Freud and Donald Winnicott theorized and shared their successful clinical practices with the youngest. (Pioneering clinicians like Françoise Dolto, Melanie Klein, Anna Freud and Donald Winnicott theorized and shared their successful clinical practices with their younger patients.)

Training and supervision

Our practice is aimed at those who are interested in psychoanalysis, and for students in Psychology who want to complete their clinical and theoretical knowledge. We collaborate with a French psychoanalytic association called the Libre Association Freudienne.
We organize reading and study groups about psychoanalytic texts in French and in Chinese for those who are interested in the practice and theory of Psychoanalysis.

La Libre Association Freudienne

We established the Beijing branch of “La Libre Association Freudienne.” La Libre Association Freudienne is a non-profit psychoanalytic organization, founded by Gabriel Balbo on July 15th 2005. Its Paris headquarters are in the 5th district (famously known as the Quartier Latin,) near the Sorbonne University. To see a list of their activities, go the website :  www.libre-association-freudienne.org

CONTACTS : www.libre-association-freudienne.org/contactez-nous


Their activities are organized around 4 axis :

  • the transmission of the theory and practice of psychoanalysis, related to children, teenagers and adults, to groups, public and private institutions :
    • Monthly teachings and study groups
    • Scientific days, theoretical and clinical
    • Training of psychoanalysts : personal analysis, control analysis, pass.
  • study days, devoted to personal, social, professional, political themes.
  • Publishing and circulation of its review, Surgence, published twice a year.
  • Free Psychoanalytic consultations : done by psychoanalysts, this consultations are a place of listening, of sensibilization to the subconscious. They enable those who want it, to talk about their symptoms and their difficulties. So, they can assess their situation and foresee how to get better.

La Libre Association Freudienne comprises of 50 psychoanalyst members, with activities in France, Beijing, and Fortaleza, (Brazil),Cuneo and Turin (Italy). It organizes teaching and conferences in collaboration with other psychoanalytic associations in France (Espace -Analytique in Paris, GRFCCP in Belfort) and in Brazil (Escola de Estudos Psicanaliticos, à Porto-Alegre)

Gabriel BALBO

Founder of the Libre Association Freudienne, Gabriel Balbo has been working as a psychoanalyst for more than 40 years at 88, Boulevard Saint Germain, in the Paris Quartier Latin.

With Jean Berges, he is the co-author of four reference books about child psychoanalysis:

  • 1994 : « L’enfant et la psychanalyse. Nouvelles perspectives ».
  • 1998 : « Jeu des places de la mère et de l’enfant; essai sur le transitivisme ».
  • 2001 : « Psychanalyse, autisme et défaillance cognitive chez l’enfant ».
  • 2004 : « Psychothérapies d’enfants, enfants en psychanalyse ».

He has authored more than a hundred theoretical and clinical articles. His work is based on years of analytical experience, (id est is the result of personal analysis. Without this analysis, theory would have nothing to do with clinic anymore, and the subconscious knowledge that is at its core.)

On July 14th, 2005, with about 20 of his closest friends, he founded the school La Libre Association Freudienne which now has over 50 members.

Consultations will be performed at the practice

Thank you for making an appointment prior to coming to our office.
Gaëlle Cassier : +86 13911010032 / [email protected]

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